Túi giữ lạnh Igloo Collapse & Cool 36lon Tech

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Thung da - Tui giu lanh - Binh nuoc da Igloo Igloo Nhãn hiệu sản phẩm túi giữ lạnh loại trungtúi giữ nhiệt lạnhtúi xách giữ lạnh cao cấp bán chạy số 1 tại Mỹ 

It's A Cooler Bag 
Go Versatile With Igloo Tech Basic Coolers
When trying to be organized during a game or a family outing, storage is everything when it comes to coolers. Keep your food or beverages cold until needed and when your meal or event is over, the Collapse & Cool can be compactly folded to maximize space for additional storage.
Color: Blue, Yellow, Red/Gray
Made in China 


Flat packed in tray for POG optimization
Collapsible design for easy storage
Extra long, adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad
Quick hatch top lid for easy access
Convenient slip pocket
Leak-resistant, antimicrobial liner 


Polartherm™ insulation 8mm 


 Lon 350ml trong tui giu lanh Igloo
Capacity: 23.25 QT: 22 Liters : 36 Cans 12 oz (350ml)
Item Weight (kg) 0.41
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 34 x 22.1 x 31.2

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