Túi giữ lạnh Igloo Collapse & Cool 24lon

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It's A Cooler Bag 
Go Versatile With Igloo Basic Coolers
When trying to be organized during a game or a family outing, storage is everything when it comes to coolers. Keep your food or beverages cold until needed and when your meal or event is over, the Collapse & Cool can be compactly folded to maximize space for additional storage.
Color: Blue, Graphite, Orange
Made in China


Large insulated cooler bag keeps food warm or cold
Folds flat for easy sotre
Convenient front slip pocket
Extra long, adjustable shoulder strap  
Leak-resistant, antimicrobial liner

Polartherm™ insulation 8mm

 Lon 350ml trong tui giu lanh Igloo
Capacity: 17.969 QT: 17 Liters : 24 Cans 12 oz (350ml)
Item Weight (kg) 0.36
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 30.48 x 22.86 x 26.67

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